Vitamins for Prostate Health, 
5 key things to ask.

I'll bet your chosen vitamins for prostate health are currently those most advertised in your area. 

There is some comfort and trust about something you have seen more than once, but only when you don’t know what else to look for.  There are sooooo many on the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies, health food shops and here on the internet.

You might choose by recommendation, most advertised, tablet size, cost or special offer.  Get the best value for money and the right vitamin for you, by having the five questions below in your mind as you shop.

Here are 5 little known facts about making a wise choice
in prostate health vitamins. 

1.    What’s a potency guarantee?
2.    The main ingredient?
3.    How much of that ingredient is in the product?
4.    Other contents?
5.    Are they in another supplement you are taking?

Go straight to more about these 5 questons now, but have you noticed that some vitamins are water soluble or fat soluble?

A water soluble vitamin means that your body excretes what it doesn't need and so needs topped up on a daily basis, i.e. Vitamin C.  A fat soluble vitamin is retained and so the benefits build over time.

As if that's not enough decision making, there are also these personal preferences to consider:

-    Powders versus pills,
-    Gel capsules versus tablets, and an important decision is this last one
-    How long are you going to take them?

You now have enough information about prostate vitamins to
try something for 30 to 90 days.

Write down a few symptoms, complaints or feelings before you start and refer to it at 30, 60 or 90 days then decide whether or not to continue.  Sometimes it is only when you stop that you realise you did feel better when you were taking something. Start somewhere.  You will do better when you work out which prostate vitamins you really need.

Different countries have different rules for vitamin manufacture, import regulations and therapeutic guidelines.  Keep that in mind and go to Part 2 for more information on those 5 questions above.

You are a step closer to your best choice in vitamins for prostate health.

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