Prostate Supplements and How to Read the Label

So what’s the difference, vitamins or prostate supplements?  None really, though a supplement may refer more to a food additive, say a powder, rather than a tablet.  I have also noticed that the medical profession might tend to refer to supplements rather than vitamins but I think that’s about supplementing the depleting effect of some medications, for instance potassium and magnesium with diuretics.  In the same way, vitamins supplement deficiencies in our diet.

Here is more on the 5 questions listed in Part 1 Vitamins for Prostate Health, to help you find the best prostate supplements for you.

1. What is a Potency Guarantee?

This relates to strength of ingredient but also, more importantly, it relates to consistency of strength in the product.  When prostate supplements are made to pharmaceutical guidelines (as opposed to food grade), each unit in the bottle or container is guaranteed to contain exactly the same quantities of each ingredient.  Some companies go to voluntary, rigorous lengths to make sure this is the case and of course this product may justifiably cost more.  It makes sense that if a potency guaranteed product is right for you, you will get the most consistent results. 

Prostate health supplements made to food grade guidelines could potentially have only a few units in the bottle that fulfils all that is written on the pack.  Among other possible reasons, this could be why you feel little difference after having taken a food grade product for many months.

2. What is the Main Ingredient in your Best Prostate Supplements?

The top one listed on the label is usually the main ingredient.  Is it what you would expect it to be, given the name of the product?

3. How Much of that Ingredient is in the Bottle?

Surely it needs to be largely more than the remaining contents.  In general terms, some vitamins or supplements are most effective when combined with others, i.e. calcium and magnesium, and even then balanced quantities provide better results.  This might be the reason for visiting a Naturopath.

4. What are the Other Contents?

If all ingredients don’t add up to 100%, then consider purchasing different prostate supplements, as the balance of unknown ingredients is not likely to be beneficial.

5. Are some of those Contents in other Prostate Health Supplements you are taking?

If so, perhaps you can find another that is more concentrated with the main ingredient.  Or you could perhaps reduce your other supplement/s if close to the same quantities as the one in your hand right now.

Here's another question about supplements for prostate health:

Did you know you can be tested for deficiencies?

You could do a hair analysis. if you can do without a hidden clump at the base of your neck, and depending on where in the world you live, there are biological companies who test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  If you can’t find such a facility, a local homoeopath or naturopath (or their colleges) may be able to help refer you.

If you are really worried and already have a prostate diagnosis, then do what you have to do at this moment, with the help of professionals of course, in order to manage your stress and move a step forward.  However, now that you know how to choose the best prostate health supplements, you can aim to recover a level of health you took for granted before those annoying physical symptoms showed up.

Finally, when you get closer to understanding what your body needs for optimal energy and prostate health, research what foods will give you the same intake, learn to love them and slowly change your diet.  Then you are really humming because all your finances will be directed toward the pleasure of eating and the original resource for balanced health – good whole and raw foods.  Begin with prostate supplements.

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