Prostate Health Diet! Is there one really?

Yep, there is!  I can hear you thinking ‘If there’s a prostate health diet, there must be one for every organ in the body? 

The key is to follow one good one and include foods for prostate health.  Your jaw will drop when you realise just how much this benefits your whole body!

Seven reasons to choose food for good prostate health

  1. Eat more, eat more often - digestion is quicker when food is lighter
  2. Save money when medication is reduced and there is less desire for fast food
  3. Eliminate cravings because the body is getting a better mix of macro and micro nutrients
  4. Break the over indulgence/guilt cycle
  5. Less bloating - nutrient absorption is improved with better digestion
  6. Feel better, more energy, sleep well
  7. Halt or reverse your disease

You may already have discovered that a prostate health diet should include grape seed extract, pumpkin seeds, lycopene etc.  Grape seed extract and lycopene (from tomatoes) can be purchased as vitamins or supplements, and you may wish to do that in order to load up a deficiency if you know you have one.

Foods for prostate health - get ready to salivate!

What better medicine is there than,

  • to crunch the seeds of sweet, juicy, fresh grapes
  • toast the seeds of a fresh bright orange pumpkin while roasting or souping the flesh, or
  • chopping a bright red luscious tomato for salads or a sauce?

If your personal issue allows time to make the change to a prostate diet, you might agree that this is a whole lot more pleasant than increasing medications while reaching for the next burger or pizza, and in the long term it’s actually cheaper too!

In general, a healthier diet is about increasing fruit, vegetables, beans and lentils (plant protein) and reducing or eliminating meat, fish and dairy (animal protein).  Of course, preparing veg takes effort and time and so does recovery from a lifetime of poor eating habits and the food choices that have helped to put you in this worried place of prostate disease.  Is the effort worth your future health?

The design of your body is as original as the whole, unprocessed food you now seek.  It makes sense that they can support each other, but sadly, we have mis-managed both.  It is time get back to basics and re-learn a love of food for good prostate health and a healthy whole body. 

So how do you ditch your high sugar, high fat diet and
learn to love foods for prostate health?

One step at a time.  Write down honestly how much sugar you eat in a day.  Stare at it until you believe it.  Then look at how much refined food you eat in a day (anything processed).  You may find this hard at first because almost everything you eat might contain sugar or have been refined.

 ‘eat to live, not live to eat’

Socrates, Benjamin Franklin and my mum!

All the foods of a good prostate health diet fall into the plant category.  I will add them to the pages of this site, or contact me if there is something specific you need to know about right now.