You may have no Prostate Symptoms,
but is your Prostate Healthy?

That’s right.  You may have no prostate symptoms at all.

But if you are over 40, think again . . .

It’s time to get seriously real about the health of your male anatomy.  Otherwise you may as well shove another sock in that drawer you haven’t emptied for years.  Like your body, who knows what may come tumbling out.  Can’t see it, don’t worry about it?  Believe me, you don’t want that kind of surprise.

The bottom line is, it is possible to have prostate cancer and not know it. 
Dennis was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and had no idea, no symptoms at all.   That’s not likely to be you, but a simple test can help you be sure that you are prostate healthy.

Does anyone else you know have signs of prostate problems?

Listen more closely to older family members.  Are the women talking about medical appointments for the blokes – dad, uncle or grandad?  Do you know someone who visits the bathroom a lot, especially in the middle of the night?

Enlarged prostate symptoms could affect you too.  Get checked and be ahead of the game.

OK, knuckle up, what would the symptoms of prostate problems be if you had them?

Mostly they are urinating problems:

•   No flow, slow flow, stop/start flow or a constant dribble,
•   Overactive bladder, urgency in the day time or night time sleep disturbance,
•   Pain or burning sensation while urinating (dysuria).
•   A feeling that the bladder is not empty,
•   Straining to start or continue urine flow

Cloudy or bloody urine could mean a relatively simple urinary tract infection.  This might occur when the bladder hasn’t emptied properly and urine is retained for a length of time. 

Straining to urinate over a long period of time may cause small veins to burst which could also be the reason for blood in urine or semen. 

A urinary tract infection might be good news if your bigger worries are about the possibility of prostate disease.

Prostate symptoms also affect the flow of sperm in sexual activity,

•    Problems achieving or maintaining an erection,
•    Painful ejaculation, and finally,

Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, upper thigh or hips could be present for many reasons, but is a real caution if it were to be related to changes in your prostate.  Do not waste time waiting to get this checked out.

Many men manage one or more of these signs of prostate problems for years as part of the aging process but,

It's time to seek advice and treatment options when enlarged prostate symptoms,

1.    become worse,
2.    prevent you from doing the fun things, let alone daily activities, or
3.    sleep has become so disrupted that quality of life is less.

However, you are wise to seek advice even if you have no symptoms and,

1.    you are over 40 and there is someone in your family (history) with BPH or prostate cancer, or
2.    you are over 50, regardless of family history.

Age brings many medical issues but an annual check with a digital rectal exam can get your enlarged prostate symptoms into perspective so that you can make health management choices, and relax. 

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